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September 24

Application deadline until 24 September.

Investments aimed at improving the overall performance and sustainability of farms.

Eligible actions:

  • Construction, acquisition or improvement of immovable property (eg buildings , fences, surveys , etc )
  • Purchase of machinery and equipment.

The percentage that oscillate between 50% and 90%.

June 17

Open call for aid for young farmers

Amount of aid between 30,000 and 70,000 euros.

From June 17 until September 17 it is open the deadline for grant applications for inclusion of farmers to agricultural activity within the regulatory framework of the Rural Development Programme 2014-2020 Andalucia young.

Among the priorities for achieving such aid are cited the following :

  • Settling on a priority farm
  • Settling in a rural area of Andalucia revitalize (Law 45/2007 )
  • Integrated into an associative entity
  • That the applicant is a woman

Oct. 16

Provisional list aids prevention of forest fires

It has published the provisional list of beneficiaries with shares granted and denied. The deadline for filing claims and provide documentation is on October 27.
It has been posted on the bulletin board of the website of the Ministry of Agriculture and Environment, the provisional provincial listings aid granted and denied to the call 2012. This call closed its application deadline on February 10, 2012 , and eight months after the provisional list published.
It is noteworthy that for the first time in this type of aid to the prevention of forest fires , have run out of available budget and shares many farms , especially those outside of natural areas.
During the 2001-2006 Rural Development program , five calls for aid to forest fire prevention , all with budgetary availability for all applicants were made. During this program (2007-2013) only two calls have been made in 2008 and 2012 , and the latter with a high number of applications provisionally rejected for lack of budget availability.
One of the probable causes of the lack of availability is the provisional grant of shares many construction and maintenance of water points for extinguishing forest fires.

August 8

Aid area of ​​influence national parks

Open deadline for submission of aid applications until the 8th of September.
They aim to improve the level and quality of life of the population of AISE National Park Doñana and Sierra Nevada National Park , consistent with environmental conservation and considering the parks as an important asset for economic development.

April 2

Census Dehesas de Andalucia

It constitutes and regulates the census pastures of Andalucia and its inscription in it, according to Law 7/2010 of La Dehesa.
The day March 30, 2012 has been published Decree 70/2012 approving the pastures of Andalucia census is regulated, and the registration procedure in it.
Those meadows that are associated with a livestock farm code will have to register through the Ministry of Agriculture , rangelands and those intended exclusively for hunting character will have to register through the Ministry of Environment.

March 26

Boja published in the call for aid for the Sustainable Management of Natural Environment

On 21 March the rules for awarding grants for Sustainable Management of Natural Environment were published.
The call for aid is part of the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development, has a period of 2 months and a maximum amount of € 51.167.827,16 funding .
Eligible items include, among others, the implementation of Forest Certification , the development of Technical Management Plans Montes , densification of rangelands , protection of regeneration , maintenance of reforestation , clearing, resalveos , short police , road maintenance , wetland restoration , rehabilitation of rural infrastructure uninhabitable ...
The eligible investment depends on the type of action , with up to 100 % of expenditure on actions such as densification and protection of natural regeneration , restoration of wetlands or training activities.

January 24

The Andalusian regulates the use of forest biomass

On January 19 the order regulating the use of forest biomass for energy purposes was published.
The Order , which considers Biomass Forest all biodegradable fraction of products , by-products and residues from silvicultural treatments that are performed in the mountains , "is intended to regulate , in the mountains or forest land , the use of forest biomass as energy renewable natural resource use. "
Note the importance that the rule attributed to the inclusion of the use of biomass in the forest planning instruments ( Project Management or deOrdenación Technical Plan) as well as the distinctions that the rule made ​​between the consideration of biomass as a primary or secondary use.